Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2011-06-17 11:29:30 (UTC)

the batting cage

The Pitch

Spent the last couple of days making hour long calls to student loans and to schools, it's been a bit long, tedious, but highly informative. 257 weeks of student loans I'm eligible for left, with a leeway 11 extra weeks should I need it. This is proving to be pretty decent all around. I've eliminated U of Victoria and McGill as schools I want to go to, might re-apply for U West Ontario, go back to London, or check out UBC, Carleton is the "standby", has been since 1999 when I first applied to go there, and the 4 courses I've taken there in 2004/2005 might still count. I'm going to call them next I think.

The Fly Ball

The only problem is, if I want to go to a private School like, The Pacific Design academy, I get $210 per week, if I do an actual University like UBC, Carleton, McGill, I'd end up with $360 per week. This really quite sucks in terms what I was hoping to do. Those numbers are entirely based on Ontario's Student loans, Manitoba Student Loans on the other hand, gives out $350 a week and doesn't differentiate between schools. But I'm not all that interested in spending 12 months in Manitoba just to get loans. Bc Student Loans gives out $320 per week. That spins out into losing out on funding of $1400 to $1900 a year if I claim Residency in BC.

What's on First, Who's on Second

Going back to school however, may be a mulligan in the first place however. I don't know if I want to spend the next 4 1/2 years going through it all over again might be a bit more than I want to go through again. I guess we'll see though.

The Home Run

Fortunately for me, I get that stack of cash from the annuity come mid september, so if I pay off my outstanding loan interest which amounts to $6500, I can apply right away for loans for whatever school I want and I'll be approved so it's a no brainer.