You've got a friend in Pennsylvania
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2011-06-16 01:44:57 (UTC)

First entry

I won't tell you my name, i prefer to stay anonymous. I'm 15, 16 in a couple of days. I'm an emotional wreck most of the time. I sound so cliché, there are probably millions of teenagers who say the exact same thing as me.
I'm not happy most of the time, even though my life is not bad. I just have it drilled into my mind that i need to be sad, and i can't stop it. I have a boyfriend and a best friend, who i adore.
I am a very over emotional person and i moan to people a lot when i'm upset which makes people believe that i am an open book and they know lots about me. They think i'm just sad all the time and that's just me. They are so so so wrong, but i would never dream of letting people know that. There is so much more to it than sadness.
I'm very lazy, i don't read, and i eat so much food. I'm not really fat though, just slightly chubby.
I wonder who will read this, i wonder if they are okay.

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