2011-06-15 01:08:29 (UTC)

Up in the air and on the way

Dehydration and lack of sleep, combined with the uncomfortable chair and restricted leg space was bringing on an allt oo familiar throbbing in my left temple. I had tried applying pressure to the usual points but it was not working. I had no water so decided to use the perppermint vial I had been carrying and using on and off for several years. I guess all things reach their sell-by date and my peppermint stick was obviously at the end of its useful life, but it wasn't going out without a fight.

As I pressed the ballbearing to the side of my head, with the intention of rolling it to sooth my head, a gush of liquid fromt he opening covered not only the pain area but continued running down my cheek and excrutiatingly found its way into my left eye.

the smell of pepperming was overwhelming, the feel of the pepperming liquid on my skin was warm, in my eye it was burning hot.

Blinded in one eye I managed to replace the cap and return it to its plastic bag before it leaked further. I wanted to scream in agony but knew that was something an adult just did not do.

the only cloth to hand was the airplane blanked to I sued that to mop up as much liquid as possible although the oile reside seemed to be everywhere on my face and both hands. then I realised I still had the damp remains of the hot towel that had been handed out after takeoff. I covered my eye andm ade my way to the toilets at the back of the plane. Luckily I did not have to wait long before a cublcle became free. Looking in the mirror my face was bright red andm y eye closed and watering badly. I needed to bath it in water but there were nno cups left int he dispenser and the basis was blocked and full of soapy water. I kept soaking the cloth and bathing my eye and eventually the stinging eased. In the process, however, I had soaked by t-shirt and jeans and the sink was dangerously close to overflowing.

Back in my seat all I could smell was pepperming. I felt sorry for all those around me.

Later a lovely French lady, who spoke no English, spilt her beer and, guess what, most of it went on me.

When we reached Dubai I felt filthy but, unfortunately the new Terminal 3 did not yet have showers up and running.

I dozed in the airport chairs with leg rests for an hour or so and met a nice Indian lady.

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