Danger Days: The TRUEST lives of the les
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2011-06-15 08:31:09 (UTC)

This is the hardest thing I'll ever do.

It's like I said in my 'About Me' thing, opening up to strangers and anonymous people on the internet is incredibly scary, but spilling your guts out to someone you know can really fuck up your life. There's people out there who don't share their lives with anyone because they're too scared to think too hard on their lives. They're scared that they may make an unwanted discovery or learn that they are just the thing they wanted to avoid becoming. People don't want to learn that they are full of sin. Hypocrites, alduterers, liers, we're all scared of who we truly are, whether it's good or bad, and we want to hide who we are from the rest of the world and ourselves. So doing what I'm doing, sharing my thoughts and attitudes towards the world around me with all of you complete strangers, is truelly terrifying. Not many people can do this. It's like I said, people are scared of learning about themselves, and I think that's a bullshit excuse for denying self-discovery. It takes strength to do what I'm doing. And I'm not saying that I have amazing strength, this is going to be the hardest thing I've ever done. I've reflected on life, but I've never shared my true thoughts with anyone, especially complete strangers. The weirdest thing is, I may actually know someone who reads my diary, and whether or not I know them just by face or if by some crazy coincidence, they're my best friend, I could care less. All that I care about is that people read this. I don't care if they cry, laugh, or just think that I'm some douchebag chick that needs to jump from the fucking Millenium Force or some other crazy tell structure. I'm not going to back out of this either, I'm about to hit the 'save entry' button, and it will be too late. It will be like the song "Point Of No Return" from Phantom of the Opera. After this, my new goal will just be getting started. I have no idea how long my diary lasts (hopefully at least a year), or how often I update it between my stories, (hopefully once a week at least). This will be the crazuest thing I've ever done...So please, enjoy, hate, cry, laugh, or let whatever other fabulous emotions you possess wind their way up to the surface that is your face. I just want my thoughts to be known.