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2011-06-10 09:08:05 (UTC)

Dear God

Dear God,

I thank you for another day yesterday and I pray for today. I pray God that you guide me through the day.
Father please teach me your principles, teach me how to forgive and forget. As long as I have known you I have consistently failed you yet you never leave my side and always there….nudging and whispering…..until I yield and attempt to follow your path. I thank you for what you are doing in my life now as I walk through the path you have created for me. In this path you have given me 3 wonderful children, one of them you are using to bless me….he has Downs Syndrome….all things are from you….he has taught me how to look beyond the physical and see people for who they are….you have and still using him to teach me how to be a good father how to be patient and how to look for solutions to problems…..since he was born 6 years ago I have become a better person….my greatest wish is for you to use me…use me as a conduit to make things better in any shape or form….please make me a better person and a better father.

I pray for my wife….I pray God that you protect and guide her….you shower her with wisdom and understanding. God touch her in the way only you can….as she embarks on this journey of motherhood, being a wife and having a challenging job I pray that you equip her with the tools necessary to become an achiever. Father make me strong for her, make her know that I am there to support her. She is making a big effort in her duties, father please continue to give her strength….protect her from any iniquities and discretions….she needs you more than ever so father please never leave her side….have her back

I pray God for our relationship, I pray God that it continues to grow in strength…make us good friends…make us care….make us love…be with us…..our marriage was ordained by you and a source of happiness….father don’t make it anything else or less…it is a beautiful union which started about 14 years ago….father God make it last forever….shield us from the distractions of this world….make us better husband and wife….I pray that this relationship will consistently be a source of happiness in our lives…..father make me move on and not dwell on the past….let me appreciate my wife for who she is and what she is doing….make her beauty shine in my heart….all these I pray through your only Son Jesus Christ…..Amen