Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2011-06-07 15:45:35 (UTC)

It's still going...

I'm still talking to Tutor Guy, in fact I think we're dating, lol. I think so because he calls me his girlfriend and passively says 'dating' every now and then. I thought he was kidding when he asked if I was to 'sign on the dotted line', lol shit. I remember the first time he called me his girlfriend, I went into panic mode and I started thinking if this is what I wanted right now.

My girlfriends think it's because I jumped from one relationship to the next without giving myself a break. I partially agree with this. The thing I'm really not looking forward to is 'fooling around'. I should add that TutorGuy is a good-looking guy with pearly whites, tall, broad shoulder, has all his hair (LOL). I enjoy our intellectual conversations and cuddling... geez I should like such a female! I'm not necessarily looking for someone to fulfill my sexual fantasies.

I told my girlfriend that I sense he is slowly trying to push for more physical bonding. He's hugging me more, kissing me more. She told me something that really hit home: when a guy is older and more experience, it's easy for them to jump into sex right away. But because we're young, inexperience we tend to hold it off for awhile.

It was definitely an eye opener.

I suppose I need to feel comfortable with the dude. I do like the fact that we go out to places that my ex and I never went. Tutorguy actually enjoys walking along lakeshore! and we go out for drinks, just him and I!

Well, I am just taking this day by day. I can't stay I'm hook just yet. I tend to be the last one to fall and the first one out, kind of girl.. hahahhaha!!