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2011-06-05 23:42:01 (UTC)

A sad sad weekend

Sooo this weekend I went to my dads and All of a sudden I stated crying and I went to my room and thats when I started thinking of him again...
After I finally stopped crying I fell asleep and I had a dream that I comited suicide and I wrote a note to it is

I know you don't care that I am dead by now but I just wanted to let you know how much I have alwayZ loved you. I know your probably going to throw this away, but I hope you dont. If kaitlyn tells you not to read it then just do what she says so she wont hate you later. I know you hate me so I killed myself to make you happy, your happinest is the ONLY thing that matters to me. The truth is I am happy that you are happy with kaitlyn I know I was stupid enough to ever ask you out. I should never have been born so you wouldnt have had to deal with me. Please forgive me for being born and messing your life up I should have never asked you out it was a stupid idea. i just want you to know that I love you...
Chase please forgive me for everything!
I AM SORRY I love you like a brother have a good
life and remember to be happy....

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