My Broken Heart
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2011-06-06 00:18:39 (UTC)

What to do now ?

He's been in my life for about four years & I know to most of you this may not be a lot but for a person who has never been in love or opened up & take time to get to know someone it's a lot. I know one day hopefully I will have another chance to love someone again but right now I'm in one of the darkest days of my life . I know he's no good for me . A friend once told me do you loose sleep over this person I answered yes then they asked me does the good out weigh the bad and I then stood silent . What do to now ? What am I supposed to do when the fact is this person took the best of me . I really don't feel like myself I never depended on this person for my happiness I know that's within me but I feel the emptiest right now . I look towards a higher power as in if it's either god or Jehovah or who ever it is up above for help . I looked up things to help a broken heart and I came across this passage it is in Spanish but can be translated it's Salmo 34:18 which says "Cercano está Jehová a los quebrantados de corazón y salvará a los contritos de espíritu . in English this means The lord is close to the brokenhearted & saves those who are crushed in spirit . I pray that this is all true I'm, tired of hearing it will be worse before it gets better because I'm sick & tired of the worst. I write this in hopes that this is somehow and outlet to my broken heart and that one day I become the strong young lady everyone knew me as because right now I'm only wearing that mask inside I'm lost broken & angry.

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