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2011-06-03 17:28:31 (UTC)


How can a mother who cares 4 children in her for 9 months each, not want any of them. I was maybe 4 when my mother left, and I honestly don't remember her at all. I grew up without a mother and it never bothered me because I never knew who she was anyways. Therefore I never thought not having a mother was weird.

Now that I am older and realize that it sucked without having one, I came to hate her. I never really knew who my mother was but also couldn't figure out why she didn't want us. Found out later that she had another daughter with someone else, and let me tell you, it turned out the same as before. She does not live with her daughter didn't grow up with her either. Why have another child if your going to abandon her too.
Recently in May 2010, I met my mother I shall say for "The First Time." She came to my sisters wedding. Although she didn't really come for us, she mainly came because her parents came (Who are from England and that was our first time meeting them as well). Which was a selfish thing for her to do.
Yes my mother and her family are British. My sister and I were born there.

Well it wasn't to much longer after that she made plans to come back up to Oregon (She lives in Nevada). First time she made a plan, she never showed. "Apparently" she missed her flight. Uh huh. Yeah right. Then she proceeded to let us know she was re booking her flight. Yeah never happened. Well, the second attempt. I don't know what happened there. But I can tell you she never showed up. Surprised neither am I. She never even called or anything to say why. But who cares.

When people ask me what my mother does. I say shes a stripper because one she lives in Las Vegas and two she never tells us what she does as a job. But that's okay. I don't have love for a women who never had it for me, to me she's just another person in the world.

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