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2011-05-30 10:47:29 (UTC)


I feel like dealing with the Navy is a constant battle. Literally. Everything started going downhill from the beginning. Once I was on my way to MEPS, the whole deal changed!
It went from: let's go down if you don't want to join don't worry about it to: You have to join or you're walking home.
First of all, it seems to me that has got to be some sort of harassment. Now, I was also told that I have up until the day I ship out to change my mind. This is all changing now too because I have made it clear my mind is set on not joining and it seems i'm being pushed into it and being told I have no choice in the matter.
I am getting really very sick of people dicking me around. I have been nothing but patient and i am losing that patience i dug up from somewhere deep down!!
Luckily, today is a holiday because I would be driving down to Gaylord to talk to the recruiter and i'm frustrated beyond belief so it is probably best i keep to myself.
Instead I will enjoy this holiday or at least try to.
It's hard to enjoy the holiday however when it is in celebration and remembrance of the one thing I am trying to run from.
Can't win them all.

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