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2011-05-29 00:58:32 (UTC)

This is me...and him

Things I know about chase:
1.He used to call me his babygurl.
2.He used to write me songs and love letters.
3.His favorite color is green.
4.He chose me over 2 other gurls (until he met the third one)
5.He cheated on me with both the two girls in less then 2 weeks
6.He has a [email protected] girlfriend who weighs 200 pounds.
7.He hates seafood.
8.His dads in prison.
9.She made him cut his hair even though he loves his hair more then himself (which is kinda impossible.
10.He is a FUGLY player (well he's not really fugly but i wish he was so I could stop wanting him back)

Things you need to know:
1.My mom doesn't trust me
2.Life sucks
3.I am emo and proud of it.
4.I'm in love with a guy who hates me
5.I have no friends
6.I am obsessed with getting over my boyfriend
7.I have to live without SO much because of my mistakes
8. I hate drama
9.I want more then 3 friends
10.I hate the [email protected] cunt who stole my boyfriend!!!!!!

I Wish Life Would Change!!!!

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