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2011-05-26 16:42:38 (UTC)

How it all started!

Yeah my username is i love my honeyboo on here which is pretty f***** up because my boyfriend left me for some fat chick who wouldnt stop talking shit about me. My ex is a b*[email protected] he talked sh!t about this girl for months and then this girl decided to do all this sh!t to me and then my ex cheated on me like 5 times with her and I didn't know it until he stopped talking to me and started ignoring me. I thought it was weird that he was ignoring me, so i asked his brother what was up with him and he told me my ex was cheating...sad moment for me. I was with him for 7 months and i found out he cheated on our 8 month so it sucked. This girl also wouldnt let him talk to me or be his friend and made him tell me that he didn't want to talk to me anymore. I thought he actually wanted me to leave him alone. so i did...but that yeah... didn't work to well. I started cutting myself and crying NON-stop. I lost SO much weight and I realized i was depressed. Soo this diary is going to be all about my mistakes, my almost suicide, my problems, my Life, and Love.

This is for chase...

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