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2011-05-23 21:22:43 (UTC)

Insane Weekend at the Fair

I had an amazing weekend at the fair. I remember the first weekend day, it stormed while the sexy red jellybean (AKA Kyle Park) was jamming out on stage, and the natural lightning was beautiful... And then on the second night we met some insanely awesome people, like Jeff Hallenbeck and got to see some of our normal gangstas like Laura and Daniel Manrique. Anyways, later that night when Murphy and I were stealing beer, things got friendly and we started to make out behind a trailor... Damn, I had never been so horny in my entire life... And later that night, we almost had some wild sex in my bed and on the trampoline... He was feeling my ass and almost my pussy, but not quite there... We made out and kissed each other as he massaged and licked my breasts... It was a night to remember.

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