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2011-05-02 11:41:58 (UTC)

Nearsighted date

May 2nd 2011 Monday rainy
Nearsighted date
So, what means nearsighted date? Yeah, as opposed to a blind date, where you have no idea what the other person looks like, a nearsighted date is one where you have seen a photo or chatted via web cam before meeting in person.
I got one today.
The girl I met several days ago in a website which is a especially for marriage and making friends named shijijiayuan and we chatted via QQ, both of us show the interest, so the date comes by nature. I didn’t get much experience before , but I know that the first date impression is meaningful, it will decide the next step, yes, it is.
Maybe the word conversational isn’t extremely suitable for me, but I do think that I can control the situation, what should be do and what not, what should be say and what not.
Fortunately we lived in the same village and we come from the same city. As no park and bar nearby, choosing a pleasant ambience place become somewhat challengeable, it is apparent that walking on the road with noise and vehicle exhaust is horrible. I am a romantic one, so the mood is necessary. We can’t leave far for the date time is 7:30PM, and then it occurred to me that there is a tourist resort nearby which I have visited once.
When I got the reservation rendezvous at the designated time, she isn’t there, I tried to recognize to her and I made it, she looks somewhat different from the photos. In the road to the tourist resort, we talked and talked, the yellow light, little rain, glasses and flowers, yeah, somewhat romantic. About one hour past, maybe both of us have got the information we needed.
The girl was considered as my charming girl when I met her on the internet, I was really moved by her words and ideas, but I was told that the perfect impression was fade gradually. Maybe following the heart is the next step. It is a course, before we can pass the test, we need learning and experiencing, it is the way to get a high score.
Maybe it is the end, also, as she said: we are villager and friend now.

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