Harold the barrel

Rabbit Hutch
2011-05-21 07:00:31 (UTC)

Saturday 21st May 2011

Dear Diary,

Sorry I didnt write to you yesterday, goes from one extreme to the fuckin other again, D was full of beans sorting my head out this time. We sat in the forest all night talking about the bellend because he was back with the lies. He was probably bad mouthing me again last night while pissed because my ears were burning again that I've put "a bit extra" on the ticket price. Serves him right, he is not getting a free ride out of me ever again and if he tries so much as to contact, touch, brush against or anything to me I wont be held responsible for my actions. I will ribbon the cunt.

My ears were burning the other morning as well when I had been awake at something like 3 in the morning and I bet you any money that was McM calling him all the cunts under the sun, him shifting blame to me and McM saying hes not going on his own.

I just dont know what to do for the best. I have to stay strong, I am not missing tonight. Its gig of the year and something Ive looked forward to for months. I hope to god that he just stays the fuck away.

Btw diary, its looking fuckin amazing on the new love front. Cant wait to see whats around the corner on this one.

Anyways diary wish me luck and I will tell you how it went next time.


P x