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2011-05-21 00:37:48 (UTC)


-j was going to vip tonight; i got mad after i heard he booked room through H.L. not me; yelled at him in front of everyone
-nothing happened inside but i got in car and he told me he kind slapped the girl; and i was drunk and of course start yelling; i was packing and wanting to leave without thinking; even walked down the street and sitting on curb; J took me back inside the house and we got into a bigger fight; i pushed the TV and laptop; he got mad too and was throwing me out--even dragging me off toilet seat wanting to kick me out!!! i started crying and called phil;
-woke up still pissed; really think it's wise if i left him, but where can i go at this point; J promised this won't happen again;
-went back to sleep and woke up in the afternoon; stayed in bed; we had sex and he came inside--plz god, don't let get pregnant again!!!
-Korean togo

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