Just Keeping it Simple
2011-05-18 22:42:18 (UTC)

Since the last time I hav..

Since the last time I have been on here, I have had one more to my parcel of wonderful boys. Sweet William, the most wonderful baby I could ever imagine. He is 5 months now, learning how to sit up and boss those around him lol! But he is just wonderful. He was blowing bubbles, and is now referred to as bubble tea lol, so when he does it is always offered, no one wants William flavored bubble tea. My boys love him, they laugh, giggle and entertain him, I don't know what else I can ask of from 7,6 and a 4 year old. They are boys, so no playing house, more like.... "William watch the car, it flying!" Now if I can have a girl, I would really like one, a pretty little girl and we are set. I am happy with 4 boys, but I would just love a sweet little girl. A perfect addition. So we are adding one more, one more try, either I'm going to end up with 5 boys or 4 boys and a girl. Hopefully its a girl.