Confessions of a married woman
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2011-05-17 21:13:42 (UTC)

Details about Sunday w A!

I just wrote a quick entry yesterday about my weekend, but I need to write how my "day" went with A.

I arrived to Vista at around 8 I went to buy me a diet coke and some gum. I parked in an empty parking lot and I changed into my blouse, sweater and highheels. I retouched up my make up and my hair, and I was ready for him.

He called me that he was running late and to go get the room in the meantime. So I did. I just asked for a room for the night. I went inside, and I was somewhat nervous. I switched on the TV and watched TrueBlood! I love that show, I cheated on it a little because I'm not caught up. He then texted me to open the door for him. There he was, this huge fine guy coming to see me. He streched his huge arms open for me... i ran into his arms, and he kissed me. I was great, it was good. He layed down and we cuddled for a bit. We again started kissing, licking and you know the whole fourplay thing. :) I slowly unbuttoned his shirt, unbuckeled his belt, un buttoned his pants... and just stripped him down. I could feel him shaking I was defintely in control. I grabbed his .... and put it in my mouth... it was hard and delicious... he moaned with every suction with every lick that I gave him. My pussy kept getting wet just at the thought of having him inside me. He got me undressed and I began to ride him. Oh he felt so good inside me, so perfect! I didnt' want this moment to end ever. I wanted to stay in his arms forever. We did it in so many different positions. I love when he's aggressive with me. When he pulls my hair to move my head to the side to reveal my neck and then he begins kissing and licking it. I wish he were more aggressive, I love that! He needs to pull my hair, needs to ram me harder.... and I'll be a happier girl. I had an amazing time... there are more details but I will stop for now. :) I hope that I can see him again soon, but.. I might not as he may get deployed soon, which that may be an excuse for him not to see me, hey it's okay. I don't have any "love" feelings for him. I just have desire for him, he's strickly a hot piece of ass just for fun. I think about our sexual encounters all the time. He's the only boy toy I want. Until something develops with someone else, then it will all stop because I'm loyal.

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