Confessions of a married woman
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2011-05-16 16:40:59 (UTC)


I had a bitter sweet week last week.

On Friday morning I asked my husband if he knew what his GF was having he told me a boy, I asked if he knew what he was going to name him and what he told me completely broke my heart, he said he wanted his name. Is he serious? I mean really does he really have no sensors? If I'm going to be interacitve with this kid, I don't want that to be his name. That's a name for a love child, not for a child, that you had no love for the person while consiving and that you were trying to get an abortion for. My goodness. Well that's my last straw. I don't want to have anything to do with him until he cleans up that mess. I don't want him to touch me or to try to be sweet to me or anything like that! He must have shit for brains. On Friday I wanted to go out with my friend but she was unable, I tried to schedule Friday because I knew my husband was off on the weekend so I wanted to spend it with him but not after that answer that I got. On Saturday, I cried all day and I asked him what he was going to do, he had plans already, so fuck him, I needed to leave my house. I just got ready and went to my mom's house, came back home, got ready this time a little bit more glamourous and my sister and I went to watch a movie. I got home like at 1 which I'm sure he thought I went on a date, thats exactly what I wanted him to think anyway.

Sunday I had to work UGH! I woke up early, my eyes were so inflamated from crying so much, I took a shower, and started getting ready to come to work. He asked if was already leaving I said yes that I had something to do. He asked me how long I'd be out, and I said as long as I can. He also asked if I wanted him to leave. I answered the only reason I will say no is because you have no where to go. I left shortly. Work wasn't too bad, everyone was helpful and we got things done quickly. Then we did some arts and crafts with the kiddos, really fun arts and crafts. Clean up again was a breeze and home I went. When I got out of work I got a text from A and he asked what I was doing, I told him I had come to work for a few hours, and he said, sorry, I said it's okay it is not like I had anything better to do, he said you could of come to see me. I was like could of, I was texing while driving to him. As soon as I got home, Alfredo left to get food. I didn't want anything, I was full, it took him forever though, while he was out, I was still texting with A *sigh* he asked me to go down and I agreed with the conditon that we would split the cost of the room. He said sure (no hesitation) off I went to Oceanside, I freshened up got a room and waited for him, while watching a NEW episode of true blood. OMG... it was getting exciting, then he comes it... OMG he looked gorgeous like always. We had a great time. He's awesome. He's an asshole, but fuck it. I'm doing this heartless, I fuck with him too. I wish he was a little bit more agressive with me, it turns me on. And he knows that he just loves fucking with me. I got home like around 11:30 pm, back to reality fucking sucked, thankfully l had just been with the person I like to be with. It was awesome. I closed my eyes and I saw him and I together, having fun, fooling around... oh he's just too hot. I told him if we could turn of the lights, because I was embarrased and he told me to shut the fuck up... lol that crazy person. and I'm even craizier for going along with him. It's okay I'll make him feel special. He doesnt need to know that I do it just to make him feel that way. After we were done, I asked him when I was going to see him again, he said, I dont know. I asked him IF I was going to see him again, same lame answer, I don't know. I was like alright whatever. Take care. I left the room and fleed the scene. I had a great time and that is all that mattered to me. And that was the end of that. This morning I woke up at 8! (I'm suppoes to be at work at 7:30!)