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2011-05-15 03:52:23 (UTC)

Character Analysis: "Tyberius Cadence Hoods"


Q: Physical. What does the character look like? How do the character’s physical attributes play a role in the story? How does the character feel about his or her physical attributes? How does the character change physically during the story? How do these changes affect the character’s experience?

A: Tyberius "Ty" Hoods is a lanky, dark character. Messy straight black hair and near-black eyes, this is a character whose features you cannot forget. He is constantly bloodthirsty looking. Tall for his age. Many people are repelled from his scary appearance, but there are the occasional rebellious, bad boy starved girls who find him irresistable. His appearance is a perfect fit to his murderous character.

Q: Intellectual. How would you describe this character’s intelligence? What does this character know? How does this character’s intellect compare to others in the story? Is this character smart enough to thrive in the world in which he or she lives? What does this character learn as the story develops?

A: Ty Hoods is a psychopathic genius who attends Beaumont Senior High School. He is number one in his class, and everyone knows. This character is know-all -- but only about that one girl he's been infatuated with for years. He is smart enough to become everything and anything, but dwells in the dark side of his intelligence. This character doesn't learn -- he only teaches.

Q: Emotional. How does this character feel most of the time? How do his or her feelings change throughout the story? How does this character feel about himself or herself? When faced with challenges in the story, what emotions come up for this character?

A: Hoods is often angry at the world. His negative feelings rage throughout the story. Ty is wrong with himself -- he mistreats himself but never, EVER underestimates what he can, and will, do. The guilt from his obsession consumes him as the story progresses but he stops himself with his uncontrollable lust for Bree Hammond.

Q: Social. How does this character get along with other characters in the story? Who does this character choose for friends and why does this character choose them? Where does this character stand in the social order? How does this character’s social standing affect events in the story?

A: Ty only has a few people that he talks to. His best friend, Ricky Limmerich, is the only one who seemingly understands him. He tends to surround himself with the dark side, and he is the leader of the smart people. All of the popular, Honor Rolled jocks look up to him despite his shadowy exterior.

Q: Philosophical. What does this character believe about the way life is? What are these beliefs based on? How do these beliefs affect the choices this character makes? How do those beliefs change throughout the story? Do others in the story share these beliefs?

A: He believes in karma -- What goes around... Always comes back to bite you in the ass.

Q: Ultimately, the big question I hope you think about is this: What can we learn from this character about how to live in the world? Reading a story is, after all, like watching an experiment. Given a set of characters and circumstances, we sit back and watch the results unfold. The greatest value in fiction, it seems to me, lies in what we can learn about our own lives when we take time to analyze someone else’s — even if that someone else is just a character in a story.

A: Tyberius Cadence Hoods is the antithesis of what one should be in society. In other, more crude terms... Tyberius Hoods is society's "fuck you."