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2011-05-15 02:27:29 (UTC)

fuck my life space

what the fuck?? right? so ols said yesterday asked me when i was around and i messaged him just today to say i'd be around later in the evening. i said i was going cycling, but would be back and so to message me if he was around so that we could chat then. so i come back, from jack's flat mate's semi-disastarous leaving do, all eager and excited, half expecting to see a message from him on fcbk saying i'll call u at this time or whatever.. so log on, and there's nothing. then i told him i'd be back around 11-ish.. so i didn't wanna log on straight away, as that would seem well keen, so i log on around 20 past. and i find that he's also online - the first i've seen him on since i accepted him 2 days ago. and he has a profile pic this time too. so naturally, i assume that he must be on so that i can see him when i log on, and start a convo... but then, i wait around for like 10 mins or so, waiting for him to maybe start something, and nothing. so i eventually think well, since i've come on and seen him on, and he's already on there, i think i should probably take the initiative and say hi first. so i do. i say 'hey hey'.. and i wait for a minute.. 3 minutes... 5 minutes.. 15.. nothing, no reply. then i think oh shit. i'm in a bit of sticky one here. obv i wanna talk to him and want him to say something back, but i don't wanna linger for more than a certain amount of time.. that would be like odd, so i momentarily sign out, only to regret it a moment later, on the grounds that surely, signing out after no reply would seem like you came on here, specifically to chat to him... which is a bit pressurising on him.. so i stay logged out for another 7-10mins womdering what to do, and then i call ohac, and then ask him a few skype etiquette questions. and i then switch my thing back to online, only to see that he's gone offline, and not bothered to reply to my 'hey hey'.. which in retrospect was possibly lame. I'm so bad at this. it sucks. i should have just waited for him to reply to my fcbk message as i said. but then i just assumed he'd read it, and went online, which was why he was there... how annoying. so i thought, just to cushion a potential fall, or work some damage control, i'd get pam to write on my wall 'oi, your skype cut off randomly..' just so if he read it, he'd know that i was there to talk to other people besides him..