~~*my diary*~~
2011-05-13 18:05:08 (UTC)

About me!!!!

Hello! My name is MacKenzie Hollister, and I know that my email is weird. I use my sister's email currently, because my daddy doesn't let me.
He's so weird, but I still like him)
Anyway, I am 14 years old, and I live in Westchester Country)
I never thought there was a point in keeping an online diary, but it really bugs me whe my sister spats out when I am writing in my written diary-- hey, MacKenzie, are you serious? Did you know that if one or two people know alll the jiucy gossip can TOTALLY ruin your reputation. You should post this kind of stuff on the internet so MILLIONS can read it!!-- I don't know if it can ruin your reputation or anything, but currently I am the most popular girl in Westchester Country Middle School ( Sophia, my sister says it's not safe to paste your school on the internet.), and I really DON'T want to ruin my reputation because I write in a little book and I don't post gossip on the internet.

But whatever. Subscribe for the next entry of MacKenzie's adventures in real life and on the internet!!!!!!!!
Stay tuned, as I say.

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