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2011-05-12 22:43:41 (UTC)

Seasons come and go, but I will never change.

I'm on my waaaaaaayyyeeeeeeeeaahhh!!!

That's such a good song. Today there was a tornado warning coming through the Giddings/Serbin area and everyone was freaking out... Coach Rood was all, "Teachers and students, please pardon this interruption, but will all teachers immediately move students out into the hallway, there is a tornado that has been spotted right outside of Serbin," and everyone starts updating their Facebook status to things like, "I love you all" and "At least I'll die with people I love!"

And I'm sitting over here, freaking out because my OCD eats at me sometimes. Everyone was fine, there are just many dismembered trees scattered around town. Everyone is great. Thank you God, for this rain, but most importantly, God thank you for keeping everyone safe. <3 Amen