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2011-05-12 01:52:39 (UTC)

Best story idea EVER!

Okay. So I have been working on a story for quite some time now. It's about this girl named Dana Kohler whose mother meets a man named Tim Stevenson. Tim Stevenson has three sons (from youngest to oldest) -- Christian, 17 (Rude, Perverted, Sad), Matt, 21 (Sweet, Quiet, Secretive), and of course, Cody, 28 (Sexy, Experienced, Careful)

Dana Kohler and her older sister Nova go through a series of hardships, but these hardships are padded by the Stevenson boys, three boys of different ages who they will meet as strangers and who will turn into way more than just brothers.

After a whole schoolyear of stress, the Kohler/Stevenson family decide to go to Cape Cloud, an old village/lake, as the Stevensons own a lakehouse there. On their way to the lake, and at the lake as well, Dana finds out more about the Stevenson boys than she ever knew.

About Cody -
Cody has a fifteen year old daughter who Dana and Nova go to school with.

About Matt -
Matt is secretive of many things, mainly the fact that he is gay.

About Christian -
Is bullied horribly.