2011-05-10 19:47:47 (UTC)

Surely I Believe

people come and people go,
didn't make it; cost us the show
wish I had gone farther away
to a place where no one would stay

could care less about what people think
people think less than what they care about.
my mind is in a skating rink,
and the skates are made of my feelings itself.

seconds tick and slowly, surely,
I'm going to slit my throat to pieces.
give me a good reason not to...
inject myself with suicidal feces.

now I'm gone and no one cares.
let's just make sure the shoes are in pairs.

if I matter, let me know
just another stab in my throat
given time, I'd run away
back to that place where no one will stay

because I cry out loud, and no one listens
So I'm done crying, and now they're in my business.
The world's fucked up, and let's just say,
I think I'm completely done for today.