i love mullets.
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2001-10-10 03:10:23 (UTC)

Tuesday Update...

Well, today was a pretty much uneventful day... had an
EARLY student council mtg... 6:45! Ahhh! Anyway, every
class was REALLY boring, I barely stayed awake, especially
through the conversion discussion in chemistry! I left
school... went home... slept, changed, went to practice,
and cute f-ball guy was there! He had burned me a CD like
he said he would Fri. night, but I can't believe he
remembered... awww... Nat, my best friend, and another girl
(that used to be my best friend in 9th-some of 10th grade
but we had a HUGE falling out... but we worked it all out
last Sunday, but I digress) have been all about me dating
this guy. I'm still not sure though. Oh, and he asked me
to the big 311 concert this Sunday... and get this, Mom
said I couldn't drive, but I could get a ride with someone
else! Shocking and stunning! (haha) Well, anyway, I have to
go to sleep. Big homecoming parade tomorrow! :)