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2011-05-09 14:04:42 (UTC)

Things looking up....

My relationship with my wife in the last week or so has been wonderful. After going to the beach with the children and friends and getting back but did not get any TLC from her, I complained and things have improved so much. The Sex is great, the correspondence is good and she is definitely more relaxed and enjoying my company. It is obvious that she respects my work as a husband and father and I hope I never jeopardise that. I am also more relaxed and less paranoid. I don’t worry too much about what she is doing behind my back…..like I predicted it all depends on her. I think she has done quite well. If not for the incidence of not knowing exactly what went on I will be in cloud nine….but I am still happy as you can be although I would have preferred the whole thing not to have happened but that is life we just have to get on with it. I am happy for my kids as well as there is daddy and mummy around….and we are enjoying our relationship all over again….I don’t think it will ever go away but I think I will stop being angry, bitter and anxious about the whole thing. One of the biggest issues I have right now is my older sister…it is a long story….she and her husband had so many financial issues and were bankrupt, she suffered depression and they are now living separately. She has recovered from her depression but I think she is still suffering as she makes irrational financial decisions. My parents are quite old but they worry so much about her and they have to constantly bail her out which is so unfair on them. I have also spent enough money on her so I have refused to continue to pour money down the drain.