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2011-05-08 12:14:29 (UTC)

eagle on fire dream

last night i had a dream about a big eagle,, the eagle was obviously a pet on mine because it would fly to me, sit on my forearm on command.

This eagle and i were at a public park, where there were several families out for a day of fun, sun and bbq.

the eagle at one point took to the air, saw that there was lots of meat on a bbq pit.

i panicked when i realized that the eagle while in the air spotted the meat on the pit, circled the air and went down to get the searing meat..

it landed on a large piece of steak and instantly began to burn its feathers.

the eagle (my pet) was in flames when i got to it, i quickly began to smother out the flames,,

it seemed that it was burned but only superficially,,

it looked into my eyes where i could see that it appreciated and respected the fact that i would put my hands in the fire to save it..

the eagle all in all ended up ok,, other than a few patches of burned feathers,,

,,prior to this i had a dream of me driving a bus, where my brother Noe sat beside me,, he and i were arguing about something,,,

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