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2011-05-05 20:10:14 (UTC)

DECEMBER 14TH 2010 felder felder!

ok, so I have to keep this blog/ diary as part of the course....i hate writing coz im very dyslexic so please excuse my spelling

in brief im a fashion textiles BA student at Rave in London, im starting this blogg with the first internship interview i had...we need to do 3 goes!

my first interview is with felder off the train ...didnt like the area it was a bit ghetto and didnt really wanna be round there late at night ...but i love their work so there a little late ..but there were 5 other girls with an interview at the same time....that this the shitty life of an thy no know who i am >>>( joke) sat there listening to bitches go on and on about where they had interned....please ! there was one girl who had already graduated 3 years ago and was still interning...why? shorley that must mean your work is crap?

almost walked out had waited 2 hours to be seen and was last! anyway got in there was so pissed...the designers were nice but they seemed to rush this the life of an intern...was feeling like crap...well they didnt call.... on to the next...

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