Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2011-05-05 14:49:36 (UTC)

Update :)

I was reading my past entry and after almost two months prior, I can't believe how much hurt I was going through. I was goihg through a rough time, a shock rather.

Since then I've been doing very well for myself. I'm able to be alone, i haven't registered on a dating site, nor have I been scoutting like I use to. I did surprisingly well in my university exam finals and I'm proud to say I'm almost a graduand :)

Now as for that guy from tutoring, he never showed up. In fact, I emailed the programme director, lied about having a book of his and I asked for his email. Turns out, she had to email him for permission, LOL, that was embarrassing! Regardless, I got his email and after 3 weeks we are still talking. Apparently we liked each other since we both started tutoring 2 years ago, but because i was dating i didn't pay much attention to him. But that's all in the past. We get along well, he's educated and quit intelligent. Talking to him is so great because he is knowledable in our field of psychology!! I told my girlfriends i wanted to meet a man with a psychology degree, like me. But i never thought would happen!!! LOL!

He's such a guy great. That's why i kept talking to him at tutoring, but i never flirted. The thing that is holding me back from fully liking him is his age. He is 8-9 years my senior. Being a mature 24 year old, we are both in school...basically we are at the same stage in our lives. We have a lot in common, we can talk about our childhood, he doesn't act like he's older. The age is bothering me, or maybe i can't accept that i'm getting older.....

Everytime we hang out, we kiss. I doesn't feel akward. We are always laughing! He's a great conversationalist.

Last night he let me drive his truck! My ex never let me drive his car nor did he let me sit in the driver's seat! I had a great night and he was supportive :)

I'm going to end it here :)