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2011-05-03 19:41:35 (UTC)

a dream to remember.........

today i had the most odd dream well never mind i mean the most odd dreams ever! and if none of this makes sense its only because i am so out of it and confused i keep think of the the iguana that was ripped in half by the dog and i was trying to put the pieces together thinking that for some resone the iguana would heal and well it did and dident. the iguana was coming back to life a tiny bit but then i end up waking up to find that i was biting n my hands i though i was almost going to lose my fingers to be honest and i still wounder why a was giving my self so much pain but had no idea of it. it was as if i dident know what was reality. after all the confusion i decide to watch a movie to calm my nerves. it was a pirate movie called water world,i eat a burrito then went to sleep again.and this time all i remember is when me a girl and a boy where falling asleep on what i think was a hotel/motel bed? the boy was rubbing my hand to comfort me and the and i was not sure if to except his kindness or not taking his hand softly he kisses my forehead then lays back down,i in return get up from where i lay and move by his side still holding his hand i lay again cuddled up in a ball and fall asleep.
the thing that still bothers me is that i keep try to remember his face he feels so important and familiar yet i do not remember his face.
i also tried stealing a really pretty dress for my friend rose just cuz i felt like it? and almost went to jail but my witts saved me in the end.
side note:i had a dream about nick grabbing me by the waist then puts his hand on my face brushing my hair out of the way and kissed me softly then after 30 seconds the kiss becomes fierce and full of passion making him so amazingly hot and attractive,but it all ends and i break free from him but yet not wanting to let go? so freaking weird!!!!!!!! he is storms best friend there is know way he could like me i dont even really know him! and whats so weird is that he came to school in the same leather jacket i saw him in! he also was wearing sun glasses! oh gosh i almost fainted when i saw him i had know idea what to do and the the frightening thing is that i think i might have a small crush on him??????????

p.s dreamer i wish i could wake up and not be where i am. im not loved im not liked and every one hates me i dont know why i like being alone maybe so i can get some piece of mind and get myself to do better in school which im so frightened cuz this is the last month to get my grades up and thats it! oh gosh i hate my life right now and feel so lonely.dreamer i love ya and i hope i still one day can write to you with good feeling.
love you friend and creater lol