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2011-05-02 03:32:01 (UTC)

Snips and snatches

Walk to One Tree Hill and repercussions
Sitting on window ledge staring at SN's house hoping he would emerge or come home
Sitting on potty in kitchen throwing plates through the back door
Walking to school jumping on puddles frozen over with ice
Recurring dream of going to school wearing no knickers
Lying about the number of house points
Kicking shoe hi into the air and losing it in stinging nettles and repercussions
Playing in soil dumped at park when it is really sewerage
Having a knife at my throat outside a fun fair when quite young, 11 or so.
A good memory of my dad - not really of my dad - but him bringing home from a friend of his who had an older daughter, several bags full of Enid Blighton books. Wonderful stories I was totally engrossed. A good time in my life.
Dad refusing to talk to nan after she agreed to go to Canada one day then changed her mind and said 'talk's cheap' He never spoke to her again. Mum wouldn't emigrate without her.
Dad hitting me when, at the age of about 15 I stuck up for my sister (a rare occasion)because she had gone to the shops to buy things with two sets of money and she had got the change mixed up. He never spoke to me again for years.
Set the dinner table for three when there were four of us.
Mentally abused my mum
She was always scared that we would make a noise and make him angry.
Must have been hard working nights. Probably hated his job.

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