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2011-05-01 02:12:35 (UTC)

Got the kids this weekend

Ha, I guess the ex had something really fun to go to this weekend. After she didn't respond to me at a decent time about having the kids this weekend, I didn't want to deal with it and just turned off my phone. I figure, fuck her! If she can't respond within a reasonable amount of time regarding the kids, then I wash my hands from her mind games.

Well, Friday at around 6PM, I get a knock on my door. It was the kids and the Ex had dropped them off. She was still parked in the driveway but I let the kids in. I figure she had something planned with her guy. She never did that before. I'm guessing she's sensing that I really don't want to deal with her stupid games anymore. She notices it and even told me that I changed. She says that it's because I probably have someone in my life. I sure would like to say that it's true but unlike her, I find it hard to lie. I just told her that I really am too old and too tired of her games.

I do have to say that the kids are fun to hang with. They are innocent so it's easy to forget the bee atch once the kids are with me.

The kids are cool. They have fun with me. I hang out with them, try to teach them morals (although I know it's a losing battle because their Mom is my Ex). I watch them play with other kids and I watch them sleep at night. They have nightmares with the Ex but they don't with me. I tell them that everything is ok and that I am there making sure they are safe and sound and that nothing will harm them while I'm there with them.

We watched the Movie "Rio" today. Pretty cool movie. I laugh at myself because I must be very very blue at some body parts when I start thinking cartoon characters are looking cute. lol!!! Oh well...

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