Confessions of a married woman
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2011-04-30 17:09:01 (UTC)


HE (hotstuff!) contacted me... we had a very sexy conversation:

[19:40] him: hey
[19:41] me: hello
[19:41] me: whatcha doing hot hot hot hot sutff
[19:41] him:
[19:41] me: same
[19:42] him: cool
[19:42] me: doing anything fun and exciting?
[19:42] him: tomorrow i'm going shooting..i just got 100 rounds of 7.62 and 200 rounds of .40
[19:43] me: you act like I know what 7.62 and .4 means
[19:43] me: although shooting is fun, it just scares me a tad
[19:43] him: it should, it's dangerous when not done's just proper respect for the weapon
[19:43] him: rifle ammo and pistol amo
[19:43] him: ammo
[19:44] me: i see... i TOTALLY respect weapons... I think i shot a glock... if that makes any sense
[19:44] him: it does
[19:44] him: i hate glocks
[19:45] me: lol.. i do too.. it threw me back and broke my nail that is why I think i'm afraid to shoot
[19:45] me: plus i dont know which eye to use
[19:45] me: right or left
[19:45] him: the same side as the hand holding the weapon
[19:45] me: really?
[19:46] him: duh
[19:46] him: think about it
[19:46] me: so I'll close my left eye?
[19:46] me: i feel like i aim wrong
[19:46] him: you shouldn't close either eye...but that takes training and practice
[19:46] him: who was shooting with you?
[19:46] me: you shouldnt close either? really wtf?
[19:47] me: I went a long time ago LONG with my x
[19:47] him: makes sense
[19:47] me: why?
[19:47] him: he doesn't seem very competent
[19:47] him: a glock...really?
[19:47] me: lol
[19:47] me: it was his work gun
[19:48] me: it is*
[19:48] me: stop being mean
[19:48] him: same thing
[19:48] me: well thats what they get issued
[19:48] me: he was a marine too and a very good shooter from what I remember
[19:48] him: i wouldn't take it
[19:48] me: no? so u'd just fist fight with those.. super.. beautiful hands of yours?
[19:49] me: instead?
[19:49] him: no, i'd use a 1911 .45
[19:49] me: well what if you don't have a hoice?
[19:49] me: choice*
[19:50] him: you always have a choice
[19:50] me: at your job?
[19:50] me: really?
[19:50] him: sometimes lol
[19:50] me: hahahhaha
[19:50] me: your cute
[19:51] me: its a government issued weapond too
[19:51] me: sad story
[19:51] him: yeah
[19:52] me: so hows the weather down there? Windy?
[19:52] him:'s nice
[19:52] me: its really windy here for some reason... i hate the wind, it scares me
[19:53] him: scares you??
[19:53] him: why
[19:53] me: i dunno the noise it makes in my sourroundings
[19:53] me: windows, roof, i feel like some type of paranormal activity is going on even though I secretly love paranormal activity
[19:54] him: you're weird
[19:54] me: lol why??! is that a good thing or bad thing?/
[19:54] him: idk
[19:55] me: can you make a decision now?
[19:55] me: good or bad/
[19:55] me: ?
[19:55] him: no
[19:55] me: common
[19:55] him: usually good...but in your case i'll make an exception
[19:55] me: hahahhaah
[19:55] me: you suck! Why?!
[19:56] him: cuz it's fun
[19:56] me: alright I'll take that
[19:56] me: as a positive thing
[19:56] him: lol
[19:57] me:
[19:58] him: btw, how come you never told me you're that good with the ol' BJ
[19:59] me: oh. didn t think so the previous time?
[19:59] him: you must have been more nervious
[20:00] me: probably
[20:00] me: totally make sense
[20:00] me: so it wasn't that good the previous time?
[20:00] him: it wasn't as good as the last time...shit, it only took like a minute and i was ready to explode
[20:01] me: lol
[20:01] me: wow your'e hottttt
[20:01] him: hehe
[20:01] me: makes it so much bettter
[20:01] me: i'm glad you liked it
[20:01] him: i did
[20:02] me: me too
[20:02] me: i love pleasing you
[20:02] him: you do well at it
[20:02] me: thank you, just for you
[20:02] him: i like that
[20:02] me: next time i'll go the whole 9 yards
[20:03] him: oh?
[20:03] him: what do you mean
[20:03] me: what do you think I mean?
[20:03] him: i know what you mean. i just want you to say it
[20:03] me: Im going to swallow it... and lick you dry
[20:03] him: good girl
[20:04] me: like i said just for you
[20:04] me: you rurn me on soo bad
[20:04] him: you're awesome
[20:04] me: turn*
[20:04] me: so are you
[20:04] him:
[20:05] me: mmm
[20:06] him:
[20:06] him: get on cam for a min
[20:07] me: dont have my cam installed on this pc and I dont know where its at
[20:07] me: I've only used my cam with you "lately"
[20:07] him: hmmm
[20:07] him: ok
[20:08] me: plus im logged via meebo
[20:08] me: why do you turn me on.. I'm so worked up right now
[20:08] him: cuz i'm awesome
[20:08] me: LOL
[20:09] me: mmm.. yes you areeeeeeeee
[20:09] me: my mouth een turns water just thinking of you
[20:09] me: even*
[20:10] him: hehe...i like that
[20:10] me: i don't... sorta
[20:10] me: it makes me want you so much and I can't have you right this instant
[20:10] him: why not
[20:11] me: cuz youre all eth way over there
[20:11] him: you have a car
[20:11] me: AND
[20:11] me: I'm ragging
[20:11] him: that's can just suck my cock
[20:12] me: no because thenI'd want you inside me.
[20:12] me: and want to ride you
[20:12] me: and want you to fuck me hard
[20:12] him: then i will
[20:12] me: mmmmm you make me wet...
[20:13] him: good
[20:13] me: lol
[20:13] him: i am SO horney
[20:14] me: you make me soooo horny
[20:14] me: I want you
[20:14] him: i want you too
[20:16] me: I'm serious too
[20:16] him: so am i

it's like he was in my head... and he contacted me... :D Sooo happy about it. OUr conversation went on.. but I lost it.. eek! I can't wait to be with him again :D!

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