2011-04-28 19:40:56 (UTC)

Suddup, Bitchh.

What do I really have to think over?

I hate Arturo so much that I actually love him.
Edgar's cute, and I kind of like him.
I adore Oscar, and I feel no way around Emilio.
Around Emilio, I wanna hug the shit out of him.
Louis; it's not the same, and
for Juan Q. he's my bestii I guess.

Ricky, I love that dude. Like seriously.
So scary how he reminds me of Juan A. But...we'll never get that close.
Erik is my new fluffy...except he speaks Spanish.
Fabian...I...I like him.
Jonathon C. How dirty.
Jonathan B....I sparked an old feeling from Emily though.
Juan A. I would hug from behind. He's not ugly...he's amazing.

Edwin...? No comment. Tania of course. ^^
But Emilio's his cousin of course...

Kinda love everyone. Must meditate this.
-asking fabian too many questions...don't.