2011-04-26 21:17:34 (UTC)

doom is at my door step

okay so yesterday i went walking with malie from next door she is about 60 years old and the coolest person out they're.i really look up to her she is no question my true role model besides Robert downy Jr.we end up walking 4 miles if not more,it was a blast we end up talking the whole time even though my shoe's kept untying and the sun was about to make me pass out any moment lol.the coolest thing i found out about her is that she was born on the very same day as gives me more hope thinking i will have a good future ahead of me when i see how happy and healthy she is! but that might still not get me to feel any less in dis pare knowing first i must concentrate on get out of high school passing....oh did i ever tell you dreamer that im in the 9th grade? and did i ever tell you that im not the cool kid anymore? no popularity at all! no Gothic clothing! no dating Paul the guy i loved for so long and still love actually love!no jogging to the cemetery with my dog while me and my dog share a small vanilla ice cream! no walking up town to go swim at the beach like i did every day! no more having cool party's with out stupid drugs!and no more real alone time no more living life to the fullest! what happened to me dreamer? why am i so trapped? why is they're no one to hold on to me and comfort me making me feel safe?
im so lonely no days but then again wasn't i always?

the cops have visited my home more then i like or care for.after all i cant stand the police the never really save live and what are they really risking they're lives for any ways? justice? i think not! they have called over here over and over again by the cat lady i live next to or my father.wonderful right?

p.s. dreamer i miss my days of freedom and i will some day be able to fight for them but of course i have to wait till 18 but then again this only what other people tell me.............
dreamer i love ya and hope one day i will be able to write to you with peace and prosperity.
with all me unknown love and non existing heart
djmessanger1 and djwarrior.
my new password is imamonster16 and 17

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