2011-04-25 14:21:10 (UTC)

Think and Thought

This might or might not be long. It depends.
As said near the beginning of the school year, what happens happens.
We simply cannot take away our past or deny it, but learn from our mistakes. This is why humans evolve and adapt in this world.

Mr. Abraham...hmm, extremely intelligent from the looks of it. He's quite a philosopher I suppose.

I gave my bead necklace to Emilio. I don't think he thinks that I bought it. I guess it shows how much I love him. I hope he wears it. =) I'll be so happy tomorrow if he for Louis; it can't fit. Giggety.

Juan Q...I wonder if he liked it. He didn't even look at me today. Did I say something out of context? I don't want him to break it...dramatic and hold in his hand like he's in a movie, staring at it as the camera zooms in. Ha,

more like me.

I love my best friends though, I got to. Think I made a new one...and to think I was getting close to Kevin? It didn't work. I love him though...I think I do. I dunno. And after Chris, I think I'm turning straight again. =) I dunno what about it turns me off...

I need to talk to Kevin I guess.
Lol Edgar's black. Yet he's so cool. And Oscar. and Edwin. and J.C.

AND OMG EMILIO and the stretchaaayyyy necklace. =))
He makes me happy. So happy man. Lol :D

I miss my old life back at St. Pascal. This school has changed me inside out and even then I still feel my conscience roaming. You don't realize it until you start doing stupid shit like sucking a dick. Huh. Too bad that was last summer? Anyways, I need to go get a life.