2011-04-25 01:49:36 (UTC)


-tonight is a bad night for me; was held "hostage" at gangster Tony's friend's after work; i thought we were going to 3rd; had to call Tony to "rescue" me but actually he had his own plan; J was pissed of course and came to pick me up in sunset; slept until 5pm; yelled at J for spending $ and he was mad too
-pissed at myself for not going in the first room for showing b/c i thought it was Jacky's room--how stupid i was
-phil came; we signed tax papers; J didn't come pick me up b/c i text him earlier and he didn't get my later texts; had to ask Zi to come get me; J claims he didn't get my later texts; j finally called me back right after i got in zi's car; so i waited in zi's car for J