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2011-04-23 17:10:59 (UTC)

Just another stupid day crying over hiim

Went and see my therapist---didn't really do any good except take another $60.00 out of my checkbook. Here is what I was told.

1.) I need to stop working so much----Ummmmmm-I work not because I enjoy working--it is because it is a necessaity to work that many hours to raise my boys.

2.) I thought the poor therapist was going to pass out when I told her that I fight myself everyday not to call Scott and she told me that I CAN NOT CALL HIM. Durrrr--I know that!!!!What I want you to tell me is WHY do I want to call him so bad???? She said that he would only take me back so that he could do something to get back at me for calling the copps on him----I agree with her on that one.

3.) She said that I need to stop "hiding" away in my home and that I need to get out and meet new people so that I can cut my tie with Scott---She said that I need to look at my friends to hook me up with their guy friends------only problem is that all my friends are 20 year friends and I know all of there friends and family and there is not one of them that interest me at all. She said that I need to go with my friends to party at bigger towns to meet guys--riiigggghhhtttt-----all my friends are married--just how long do you think their husbands will let me around if I'm dragging their wives around to bars to meet people????

Face it----I'm just being stuborn and stupid because I don't want to give up on stupid Scott!!!! I am my own worst enemy!!!!!

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