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2011-04-22 20:30:58 (UTC)


realistically, I have no one. freddie is just, well, we've just met, i've text him today saying i've kept from looking at your profile all week, do i get special points for that? and he said points, no.. then i replied going :( it wasn't very hard thanks, p.s. i'm starting to forget what you look like.. then he replied saying 'have a good weekend xx' i mean he could be seeing other peeps i don't know. also i don't know if i wanna sleep with him any more. i mean i know i want to, but i don't know if i should, like if it's a good idea. if i'll get hurt. i can see him as one that i'll get attached to easily. he's got that carefree attitude. Like you say 'have a good weekend' when you want to end a conversation.. dunno. - next week we'll see.

then phil, is more or less off the pic as long as he's away anyway. I don't know if i'll just stop replying his texts. or if i can say i'm going on holiday. but there's always the fear of bumping into him.. - over

then james1 is in afghan till august, when he's back for just 2 weeks. so from now till august i know it's really not that far away - june, july, august.. as we're practically in may.. still, even then i don't know if he'll want to see me after that long. so i guess what i'll do is in mid-late july, i'll get talking to him.. i'll stretch out the emails, so instead of replying straight away, i'll do it every 3-5 days or so.. then by the time he gets back, we'd have talked a bit. cos as of now, i don't really see anything happening as long as he's away. - pending

then james2, was in dubai the last time we spoke, and we talked about having a drink when he was back. he said he'd be back at the end of the month, assuming that month is april, then he should be coming back around the same time as me, because we spoke about 1 month ago.. so i've just msged him to say hey i'm back in london soon, so if you're about, let's have that drink shall we? or something to that effect. - pending

then perhaps unrealistically, there's mr oliver himself who i msged saying my bf played me some of his band's tracks and i really loved the tunes, and can they come play in london? then he got back to me the next day to say thanks a lot etc, that they're actually playing on the 27th of april in the upstairs garage in london, thanks, love oli.. then he also added me on fcbk. that was quite surprising, and now, cos i'm crazy like that, i have this fantasy in my head of my meeting mr oliver and getting some grooves on man, he's sooo effing fit. that smile. OH. so question is how to play it.. do i:

1. not msg back till after the concert? (i'm hoping i'll get to meet him and say hello) so that it won't be so stalkerish? like say hey, I msged you about the concert, dunno if you remember, etc.. then what would i say? what are you doing after this? then after hopefully meeting, accept his friendship request??

2. or after meeting him at the concert, I could finally msg and accept the next day saying i really enjoyed your concert last night, was really nice meeting you.. how long are you in london? perhaps a drink (that's if these questions haven't been asked already)

3. msg back now and say thanks for getting back to me, i'll be there! etc.. and also accept request? but then if i show up at the gig, i can't talk to him, that would be too much.