2011-04-21 15:46:02 (UTC)


Haven't posted one in a long time so here I go.

This day is dragging like the last time my mother talked to me.
I fucking hate when she plays that card; throwing it around over some stupid shit I posted on Facebook.

I kinda fucked up everything between Juan Q. and I because...

Takes months to build.
Takes seconds to destroy.
Takes forever to repair.


Although it was my fault because I played the old friend card on him. Said that Louis was better than him.
...I love Louis but Q has done so much...

I miss Louis and Q and Emilio. And I wish none of this had happened that had me separate from them because I love them.

Oscar, I love Oscar. He's not...but he's quiet and I love his quietness like I love him to bits. The kind of friend I need to push on. And drawing with Jonathon C. was quite the....ehh. Experience? being in 302 is more challenging than I thought. They're lucky though; they do shit.

man...I feel not important anymore. What was the point of this?
Gotta move forward.