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2011-04-21 04:30:05 (UTC)

We just had Christmas now its Easter, who stole my months

It is 4.23pm and I am so tired. My eyes are dry and itchy from looking at a screen all day and I just want to go home. I had started to pack up when the Office Manager buzzed me to say she was off if I was staying and, like always, I said "thats fine, I'm not leaving just yet". However, she has been gone a while now so I think I will wait five more minutes then sneak out.

I ban't beleive it is Easter tomorrow, where have the months since christmas disappeared ?

I keep thinking about writing a book but do not know where to start. Maybe I should just start to write an essay and maybe it will turn into a short story. But on what topic? I have things floating around in my brain but they are like smoke, I can't quite grasp them, or if I do they seem meaningless nothing tangible. I need to write down everything then maybe I will get inspiration. Funny how I am always in a place where I cannot write when I receive these pulses of an idea. Usually driving, when I am away with the fairies. Never mind, four whole days off work, yippee. I must erase the pressure of next week from my consiousness for a few days and enjoy myself.

OK, well I am now officially closing down my machine at 4.29. Have a wonderful Easter.