Kansas Girl

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2011-04-21 05:15:32 (UTC)

Ready for tonight!

Tonight is my 2nd kickboxing class and I think Im ready for it! Its with a different instructor than Sunday so it will be interesting to see the 2 different styles.

Last night we adults played bowling on the Wii and had a blast, Rod ended up spending that night, it was great!!

Lindsey took me to lunch today on the company since we did chat about work alot but also a little about the baby and my relationship status. Im thankful to have a few good friends in my life that I can talk to about things or that show interest in whats going on...its nice :)

Wether turned out somewhat nice, so the boys will be able to play outside tonight. Im going to invite Brady to go to kickboxing with me if he likes, he can either do the class or theres another class thats called Sink which is a little of everything from what I hear!!

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