A Year In The Life Of K.G.S
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2011-04-20 09:47:19 (UTC)

Not getting Things Done

This is my first enter from work. This will be a regular thing that I should do because it is more convenient for me do entres from the job. For some reason I have not been doing my "5Goals A Day Plan", or been consistent with my diary entre. I am not mastubation and wasting a large amount of time with that so really and truely there is no excuse. I really have to get things together but I am struggling to focus and to get motivated into just getting things done.

I did my taxes and yestoday I got an email telling me that every thing was ok so I will not have to worry about that for another year. At work on Monday, I got into another altercation with my boss over the way I do my job, (well not really me but the way my coworker, who is my lead guy, does his job) and I was told that I will need a shopsteward for Wednesday. Today is Wednesday and for some reason my boss kinda changed his mind but my coworker is mad and told me that he can not take his BS anymore. He as begun the process of making his complain and I will update this entre later on tonite.

My class are over and I will have to decide what I am going to do (whether to go on to grad school this fall or not) but for now I will just enjoy the summer and catch up on studying for any other tests that I my take in the near future.

I also will have to apply for the inspectors job tonight as it is the deadline.

Ok that is it for now. I am in the ready-room waiting for my partner to come back and let me know what happened. I dont think that he really is going to quit but you never know!!