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2011-04-20 03:29:36 (UTC)


I looorve the pigott bros man, absolutely sick that song alien like you.
so i have a few options at the moment. though few have yet to come into fruition, i feel like i might be little spoilt for choice, largely due to click and other sources too.

so here they are, along with their low-down.

phily - 31, he's in spain at the moment and might be there for a couple more weeks. - we're still texting, often, he's texted me, which i have to reply to actually.. and i just have
i don't fancy him so much anymore to be honest, especially in the light of all the others now. tho i don't regret sleeping with him. don't know if i'll do it again. i feel like im the one with the cards, cos i know what he doesn't know.. or what i think the doesn't know. i don't even know if i'll see him again. shit.. so the thing is, i can either stop it now he's in spain, or when he comes back. cos its gonna stop at some point anyway. and i think it'll be easier for him while he's away, rather than when he's back. god, i'm so kind aren't i, think of the best way to let someone off. he's just a sweet heart.

freddie - 35ish, frenchman he's in london at the moment. we met each other on friday eve and in the first 15 mins, i was thinking god, i wanna go home, i really should have agreed to meet him. cos at first i thought he was someone else off click, (who was just 5'8) then i realised he was a different person when i saw he was 6'2. he was good looking in his pics but still in an average pass-him-by kind of way. but anyway i suggested we meet on saturday but he said how about tonight, as in friday and out of lack of anything better to do i said yeh. i got there a bit late as there were problems in the tube. then i met him and the atmosphere just felt like it was already a tad ruined so in the first 15-20 mins i was a bit like omg.... then i made him smile and laugh a bit, and i guess he got talkative a bit more and quite light-hearted. then we worked out he was a saggitarius. i don't know if its just cos of this astrological revelation, but he kind of reminded me of ben in some ways - like his sense of humour, that kind of being able to see the humour in a dire, hopeless or dreadful situation sometimes simply because of how it's being presented, it's context..

he talked and it came up that his brother had passed away about 2 weeks ago and he'd just attend the funeral last week. then we talked about his family, his career etc. people rarely have that quality and it's something which i really love. harriet had it slightly. ben did. robbie has it's one of the foundations of our connection i think. then we started to laugh together and i could see him warming up and having a good time, then we got out of detroit bar and went to get some chinese. he was an absolute gent and handled the bill everytime, except when i was like i owe you a drink etc. then after chinese we started walking to find another bar and i put my arm through his and he tightened his forearm, was nice. then we found a bar in soho and went there and chatted some more. at this point we were sitting very close to one another, our shoulders were touching etc. then he leaned in eventually and kissed me. OMG. it was the hottest kiss since i kissed ben conway for the first time i think. or alec. yeh alec. that feeling i had when i kissed alec of just blissful relief. like you felt it building up. and you wanted it to happen but he seemed to taking his time but the tension is definitely there, then finally he goes for it.. the first time he used his tongue was nice. then it got a bit too tongue for my enjoyment. and i don't mind tongue, in fact i love it, just in moderation. tongue's like garnish i think. if used all the time it'll ruin the dish. anyway, i then said less tongue pls.. or something to that effect. then he laughed and said i can't! then we tried again etc, lol but all in all, it was great. i wanted to carry on for the whole night. then we started walking back to end the night and we walked past tiger tiger, then he said do we want to go inside, then we tried and the door man was like its closed.. so he lives in south ken, and i told him i was going to collection the next day and he said well let him know and if he's around we can do something. i thought it was great. then i was at collection, turned out to be a massive party and i texted him and he came. then we hung out there for a little while but didn't really get a chance to talk, but i thought it'd be fine cos i was almost certain that we'd go round his after walking kate to the station, but then when he asked what i was doing after, said maybe we could go round to his, as he only lived round the corner. then he said it would have been a pleasure, but his flat mate was fired that day, and she was crying and her boyfriend who was kinda annoyed at the fact that he's moved in, was gonna be around, making for a very tense environment, so he said 'would have been a pleasure, but..' then we walked about for a bit longer, then eventually he walked me to the station and we kissed goodbye and parted. then i was just kinda gutted cos i really wanted more of him, kiss-wise plus more!.. he was like let's do something in the week, and i said i'm in bristol this week, then he said well when you're back.
then i kinda figured i wouldn't hear from him till i got back and maybe contacted him myself. but then he text me on monday morning saying hope you had a great weekend, when are you going to bristol? today? x then i was so gutted as i couldnt reply till after 7pm. this was around 11am. but it deffo perked me up for the day. then i replied around 7ish and then we texted for a bit. he said i'd been on his profile so many times in the last 2 days.. jokingly, and then i cringed and just kinda said well i was probably just checking to see if i was still attracted.. lol then laughed and asked if i had skype, so we skyped for a little while. i so fancy the pants off him.. like madly wanna shag him. i always end up coming back to bristol after just meeting some fit guys.
shag potential - 10

then there's james1 - 25, in the royal marine. we've chatted, not met, but he seems great. would love to get with him too. did his ba in international.r in birmingham, then ma at lse. we've shared some good chat. only thing is he's not back till august i don't think. dunno how sustainable virtual 'dating' is, or we'll still be talking in a month's time. now it's at that stage where we probably both wanna meet each other and would probably both shag each other if we met, and we can't. we've kind of covered all the topics you can comfortably cover when you meet someone over chat. so now we're kinda due to take it to the next place, but we can't so dunno what's gonna happen. it could just fizzle out. dunno. he's well fit tho, 6'4. i realise that height for me is incredibly sexy. like average face average height (5'8-11) won't really do it,d but average face tall/ nice build = hot. he's lush and young/student like. like the bristol/high school boy-f i'd have never had.. light brown hair. i can imagine him really turning me on.
shag potential - 10

then james2 - 31, also away in dubai till mid may i think. we've had a bit of chat and have said we'll go for a drink when he's back. he's also gorgeous dark blondish hair. like ben's colour.
shag potential - 8

a mini log of everyone i've bedded since first.

2009 - ben adams, ben anderson, chris cooper
2010 - anton pram, martin arentoft, spiridon,
2011 - phil wright. then maybe ??(fred, james2, james1)??