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2011-04-18 22:45:03 (UTC)

Characters I know

Need a few character analyses of people. On re-reading this they mostly sound like horrid people so I will go through again at some stage and make sure I list all their good qualities because they must have some.

Thomas - mid 30s, ginger.
Grew up without a mother, she left when he was very small and is never spoken about.
Father in manual job, was extremely intelligent but had some sort of trauma/accident so he now appears quite simple, dresses like a tramp and talks really slowly, but every now and again a glimpse of that clever man shows through.
Thomas has inherited his father's intelligence.
Due to a lack of a 'normal' upbringing Thomas learnt no social skills and is particularly awkward around women. Asks very blunt questions ie why do you wear that when it makes you look fat. Do you wear short skirts to attract men. There have been complaints about him in the past in his work environment.
His employers know he has had a strange upbringing and make allowances for him.
Has had very few relationships and those he has had have been with women from other countries, notably Asian, often with a strong language barrier.
Takes up with Bonny, a young Chinese woman whose parents lived in Indonesia then emigrated here. The parents were once well to do and had servants to do everything for them, so Bonny has never learned to clean or cook. She is also incredibly lazy.

Ingrid - 22 years old blond, tall but awkward with it, not slender but not fat. Mad about cats!! dogs!! horses!!
Lives in a flat with an assortment of males/females.
Appears extremely naieve.
Her voice is quite childlike and to some she becomes very annoying very quickly.
Never had a boyfriend, she moons around after the young males in her company, some of whom get pretty close to taking advantage of her but are brighter and realise it could lead to problems.
Strikes up a friendship with Thomas.

Mandy - 27 blonde, chunky but not visibly overweight, rather plain.
Very enthusiastic and doing things and quite sporty.
Comes across as being really friendly at first and keen to include you in her circle however, once you get to know her she is actually a complete whinger. Things are always everyone elses fault.
Always talking about people being self-centred, especially boyfrined's parents, whereas it is really her who has the problem.
Makes a fuss if she misses out on anything ie a work event due to working in another city.

Laura - in her late 40s. Beleives she may have slight mental problem at times as suffers from some depression. Not a particularly nice personality as tends to see the worst in people. Worries that is losing her mind at times. People think she is clever but she knows she is not. When younger managed to generally keep things together but as getting older her mind is becommingfuzzy. Time of life maybe. Has managed to pull the wool over her bosses eyes so they think she is intelligent and she may be in some ways but has little self-confidence. Not popular at work due to aggressive behavious to those who do not tow the line. This is why bosses like her. Gets very worked up and cross. Extremely nosy but can't keep a secret. Her indiscression has led to several people being 'put on the spot'.

Kylie - in her mid-30s. Has a young daughter and works part time. A head full of tangle wool, just like her hair. Kylie is a nice person but totally batty. She is good at certain aspects of her job ie talking to contractors and clients but hopeless when it comes to transferring results and findings to a report. Can be extremely stubbon and will argue black is white on some days. Extremely untidy individual. Unmarried but with her partner for 10 years. He seems obvlivious to her oddities. His parents are not particularly happy that they are not married which makes her more determined not to tie the knot.

Maria - 40s mental health social worker. Another person with a brain that seems as though it has short circuited. Abslutely lovely but often finds it hard to hold the thread of a conversation. In a pub quiz will still be debating an answer three questions later, when everyone else knows the answer. Takes a lot of stick with a good heart although inside it hurts her. Extremely bossy and tries to organise but again, gets so far then loses the plot. Can be caring then suddenly does something that can upset everyone by being totally selfish.

Carol - late 40s, quite small and round. Spends a lot of time talking and bitching about people who she thinks talk about her. Eg. 'How rude of them not to invite us to the party. I wouldn't have gone anyway but its so rude.' Making assumptions that everyone feels and thinks the same as her. Puts on a front that she has a good marriage but the wall is crumbling and she is often bad tempered and directs her anger at her husband. However, very popular, or maybe everyone thinks she is very popular and doesn't want to say anything in case she really is. Beginning to have problems with change of life.

Steve - Carol's husband, early 50s larger than life. Comes across as being a really nice guy, quite laid back but at the time very switched on. Passionate about his football team. Full of jokes and quite confident.

Harry - mid 50s. Self-employed doing what?? Something to do with cars. Very intelligent and quite opinionated. Can cut you dead with a phrase. Doesn't tollerate fools gladly. Comes across as dour and grumpy. Does not make new friends easily, comes from an area where family all live close.

Dana - wife of Harry, also mid 50s. Middle age spread. Really whingy voice and another person hard to get to know. Can meet 20 times and each time she will ignore you untill you try really hard to get through but probably a really loyal friend underneath.

Keith - A fat jolly person who dislikes his job but does not let it get int he way of the rest of his life. Loves his music and football and rarely says a bad word about anyone. Liked by everyone. Generally lazy.

Noreen - Keith's wife. Harsh haircut adds to the idea that she could be a bit vindictive and talk behind your back. Extremely nosy.