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2011-04-18 16:50:49 (UTC)

Struggling for normality

I am still struggling to get back to normality. The most important thing is that I refocus and get back to my daily routine. I seem to be devoid of any energy what so ever. I have also started to feel pain in my chest so booked to see a doctor tmr.

The most fundamental thing I need to do is to be righteous and practise what I preach. I need a solid foundation based on the covenant I have with God. I will then trust God on other aspects of my life. I am trying to find a way to get my mind back to where it use to be with my wife. I am struggling with trust. This is not in a bad way but just that her boss may still have a more than professional influence on her and they may still be communicating beyond professional necessity. This is simply the most important thing I have had to do that is allowing her to remain in this job without kicking a fuss. I will let go and completely trust her while I regain my life and set myself on the path of righteousness.

I am a bit scared of my chest pain….I have not been doing my usual morning exercises and also not taken my usual vitamins for about a month now. I hope all is well. I plan to get back to exercising from tomorrow and using my vitamins as well.

These are the fundamentals, beyond these, my usual career and business objectives will fall in place.