Kansas Girl

Pause Button Stuck
2011-04-19 00:26:41 (UTC)

Having a girl day

So Im having a girl day. Meaning I am being insecure and feel that I look like crap, I look fat and no matter what I do its not good enough and this damn weight is not coming off. Im sore as hell from my kickboxing class yesterday but I guess its a good kind of sore if there is such a thing. Since I have a 7 day pass to Punch I looked at the classes this week and highlighted some I could go too this week....All are either kickboxing or boxing. Im not really interested in yoga or pilates and definately not interested in Interval Training or Forge. I like the bags and punching, plain and simple. It's days like this Im glad I have a very supportive boyfriend. During the kickboxing class yesterday he sent me a text saying "I know you cant read this right now but you are halfway done, you can do it" That was probably the nicest text message to read right after class. I just have to remember everyone has these days regardless and that it will pass and that everyone struggles with something, mine just happens to be weightloss and I just have to keep at it.
I think tonight I will do my Bob workout since I probably cant make the 545 class and besides that Im really sore. I work late tomorrow night so looks like Wednesday will be my next kickboxing class and then Friday if dad picks boys up.

Ok I have to work now. Ttyl

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