Diary of a Rainbow
2011-04-16 19:22:00 (UTC)

First things first.

Hi there.
Call me Raine.
I'm petite, I'm fully Asian and I enjoy drawing.
Typical, eh? I also like to write.
Hence why I'm writing right now. Or, typing.
I can't own a psychical diary because my mom WILL find it and WILL invade my privacy, which is typical because she is a mother and she wants to know what goes long in her daughter's mind. My mind ESPECIALLY.

Let me give you a brief explanations between the relationships and events that went on so far this year (and last year). 2010-2011.

My mother:
I don't get along with her well, but we're acquaintances. I don't live with my father, I practically don't even talk to him, even though I want to. My mother, who is in her 50's, works as customer service at the local supermarket. She works hard for me, I understand. Stereotypically, she's Asian, so she's strict, right? Correct. I understand she wants to protect me, but I'm fifteen years old. Not five. But anyway, my relationship with my mother isn't that well because if you had to scale my mother's trust towards me from 1 to 10, it would be -20. I've broken her trust by sneaking out, getting suspended twice, getting expelled, getting caught with someone over, so forth. So there you have it.

Julie Feliciano:
My younger sister. She's my best friend and I can tell her all my secrets. Except for some, that I probably will post in this diary. Biologically, she's not my blood sister, but we're so much alike, both Asian, both short, same style, same personality and we even look alike. We are very close. We haven't fought once, besides a small rivalry we had as children, but we were kids. And we've been best friends since I was two and she was still an unborn fetus (she's thirteen now). Pretty close, huh?

Josh Rivera:
My older brother, and you might see him pop up in my entries a couple of times. He's not biologically my older brother. but he's extremely close to me, like a brother. He's helped me get through times and he helps me develop a backbone for adulthood and what not. He's two years older than me (Seventeen). He was there the first time I snuck out. He may be a bad example sometimes, due to his smoking and drinking, but I do know better to stay away from too much trouble. Or do I?

I just realized there are way too many people I need to mention, so I'll skip them and wait until further entries. But there's a sneak preview on who you may hear from in the future. Let's get started, shall we?