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this is real, this is me
2011-04-15 16:21:23 (UTC)

This is what i get, for taking a day off.

Not cool bubby.
Alex. Yes, Alex. You'll hear her names many times. That girl discusts me!

Don't let me sound like a nasty rich girl here, but she needs to pull up her shirt and stop acting like a little playboy bunny, cuz hunny, you aren't hot.
Yes I understand everyone has quirks, but this girl is nasty. She can't ever have her own guy. E-V-E-R.

So there's this boy who I love. No I will not say his name, cuz if someone reads this.. i'm S-O-L.

So yeah, I love him. Like a fat kid loves cake.
He makes me tingle when he touches me, I smile whenever I see him, mush,mush,mush:)

everytime I am with him, she insists she loves him, needs him, that's bull. how come she can't love him when i'm not with him?!?!

Check in later.


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